“It’s my belief that through art and design I can captivate and inspire people - this belief continues to fuel my passion.”

Yarrow Mazzetti has an obsession with the creation and activation of immersive public spaces. It is his belief that through art and design he can captivate and inspire people. A maker whose favorite activity is taking a “blank box” and transforming it into an awe-inspiring spectacle.

Mazzetti’s inspiration and work is vast, uses many platforms, and encompasses a host of mediums. Trained in classic furniture building and construction his creations range from adult playgrounds, to custom homes, public lobbies, and eye catching art cars.

With a focus on involving his audience in the experience of a story Yarrow's passion comes out in his work - forming memories, shifting perceptions, and leaving indelible impressions.


LADY BUGGIE inspiration

Years ago at EDC Las Vegas, I was shuttling VIP guests from the helicopter pad to the mainstage. Immersed in the chaos and all the pretty lights I had a vision of a new art car. My vision was not just one car, but a fleet of cars – a swarm. These cars would be for the people, the fans, people on the streets, the common folk - an Art Car accessible to everyone. With this new plan not just one or two people would get to drive, but many would have the driving experience all at once; the “fans” everywhere would get to ride as well.


My art would go from affecting hundreds to now touching thousands – all sharing the same experience. That was the goal and the ladybug was the perfect shape to fulfill my vision. Ladybugs are genderless – meaning everyone adores ladybugs. It’s the one bug that people everywhere across the world are curious about – people want to get close to them, touch, and play with these little bugs.


A ladybug’s symbolism and meaning is that of a very special animal totem. The appearance of a Ladybug heralds a time of luck in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. Higher goals and new heights are now possible. Worries begin to dissipate and new happiness comes about. These sentiments made the ladybug and it’s shape perfect for my art car vision. Physically, the shape of the ladybug is compact and tidy with curving lines that wrap around to finish back where they started - it created the perfect “light box.” Once the light box was seated an open-air sided vehicle, the design would provide the perfect environment for people to come and go from all angles. It was at this moment, my vision of the Lady Buggies was solidified.