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1.     Two Lady Buggies would be signed out to production. The intent would be that these two Buggies live at the front gate greeting people, playing music, making light, supplying workers and guests a comfortable seat in the shade, and acting as a cell phone charging station. As the event goes on being stationed at the front gate become lame and boring this will help and there will always be a way to run a quick errand.


2.     The remaining Lady Buggies (6) would run shuttles from the car park to any festival areas. Being greeted with a ride for you and your things from happy people playing music is the perfect way to start your weekend in a tent. On Monday we can do the same.


3.     At times two or three Lady Buggies will find an off the beaten path and link their sounds together and throw down a spontaneous dance party. It’s these unexpected hidden treasures that when found just at the perfect time can really make a trip. Creating the talked about experience is what we do best.


4.     On a long section of road often traveled by many going to and from point A & B the Lady Buggies can be used to spice up the journey with a ride, some beats, some lights, and a quick conversation. 


5.     We offer DJs and their crew a ride from their pregame location to the stage and back. Many DJs have to carry heavy bags and showering them with love just be for going on can only be a good thing.