The Lady Buggies are a fleet of hybrid electric Art Cars that were hatched in 2012 by Overkill Productions in Brooklyn New York. The dream child of Yarrow Mazzetti, these 15 mutated golf carts were meant to show the world that large-scale mobile street art is possible and practical.

Designed to collapse down and slide inside of each other, 8 buggies are able to fit double stacked inside of one 53 foot race car trailer. An entire swarm of 8 cars can be deployed in full effect in under one hour.

Over the last 6 years, The Lady Buggies have had a strong presence in over 75 of the countries leading festivals and special events, ranging from Coachella to Burning Man. In 2013, The Lady Buggies kicked of the NYC Halloween parade and have appeared in numerous music videos since then. The Lady Buggies have left their mark and are forever stamped into a generation of spectators and taste-makers minds.
























The Lady Buggie Art Car resembles a gigantic ladybug with its shimmering iridescent skin by day and its full body glow by night. Built in an assembly line fashion out of epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth The Lady Buggies are lite and strong. Custom cast fiberglass parts give the car its shape. Each part is lit from within creating an even glow that illuminates the head, body, and shell of the lady bug. To round out the vehicle’s illumination strategy we added plasma balls as eyeballs, giving The Lady Buggie an interactive all knowing eye that responds to human contact. The eyes dance and the fiber optic eyelashes change colors as they wave and nod in the wind, flexible antennae lead the way with bouncing light beams.


A true hybrid electric car, this mutant vehicle has an extensive electrical harness; like veins, many wires deliver life force to the entire vehicle. The Lady Buggies proudly feature an unlimited driving range due to their electric drivetrain and gasoline generator that recharges the batteries while you drive and powers a 1500 watt night club quality sound system.


Each Lady Buggie is truly unique with its crocodile or snakeskin vinyl upholstery and unique iridescent pigment powered shell. The custom-seating layout is comfortable with a padded area connecting the front and back seats. The hand crafted front seat is wider than other golf carts - allowing three people to comfortably ride side by side looking forward. The back of the car has a rear facing jump seat offering an entirely different perspective, together 5 people can ride with a full 360 degree view of ones surroundings. All told this is a true mutant vehicle - very little of the original golf car is left providing the riders a true art car experience.